maxene, eighteen, birmingham.
cats, illustration, cake and tea.
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what i look like

I really need to watch freaks and geeks

panic over, my phone is showing signs of life

Anonymous asked: I don't know if you realize how beautiful you are, but you are so beautiful.

Aw thankyou anon, so sweet this morning

I’m just in a really shit mood. I’ve had a really bad night, i had a panic attack and that was horrible. I watched perks of being a wallflower which is a depressing movie. I thought by updating my phone would make it work better but oh my fucking god it doesn’t respond to fucking touch. 

I cant sleep, i’m really hungry i feel sick and i want to cry, fucking great

my phone fucking broke after the xperia update. This is fucking shit, it doesnt respond to touch and it fucking talks to me